How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work? 

Millions of people can see better today thanks to procedures like LASIK and SMILE. Laser eye surgery reshapes your cornea to give you clearer vision. Each type of laser eye surgery works differently. An examination will help determine which one will work best for you. 

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a precise treatment that uses a computer-guided laser to change the shape of your cornea. The cornea forms the transparent front part of the eye. It changes the angle of light as it passes through. Laser eye surgery alters the shape of the cornea to help the light focus correctly. It can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

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How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

The three main types of laser eye surgery have some features in common but differ in significant ways. Only your eye surgeon can decide which procedure will give you the best results. 


PRK works by removing the epithelium or outermost layer of the cornea. An excimer laser then reshapes the cornea by removing one microscopic layer at a time until it achieves the correct shape. The corneal epithelium will regrow after treatment. 


LASIK uses a femtosecond laser to create a flap in the cornea’s outer layer. An excimer laser then performs the corneal reshaping. Your eye surgeon will move the flap back into place. It will begin to heal almost immediately. 


SMILE uses a laser to create a disc of corneal tissue without damaging the epithelium. After making the disc, your eye surgeon removes it through an incision less than 6mm in length. SMILE leaves most of the corneal surface undisturbed.

What Results Will I See With Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery gives most patients significant vision improvement. Most people who have laser eye surgery can achieve 20/20 vision. With SMILE and LASIK, you may start to see clearer vision within 24 hours. With PRK, you can expect blurriness to last longer, sometimes for a few weeks. 

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What is Recovery Like After Laser Eye Surgery?

Recovery time differs between procedures. LASIK and SMILE will allow most people to return to their usual activities within 24 to 48 hours. Your corneal epithelium regrows within a few days after PRK, and your vision will continue to improve. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

Most people make good candidates for at least one type of laser eye surgery. Ideal candidates:

  • Do not have any medical problems with their eyes
  • Have not had a change in vision prescription for at least a year
  • Have a prescription within the range that laser eye surgery can correct
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
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