How Much is LASIK Eye Surgery?

If glasses or contact lenses are part of your daily routine, you might be ready to consider vision correction. LASIK eye surgery is the most popular and widely used way to achieve clearer vision and enjoy life with less reliance on your corrective lenses. If you are considering LASIK, you most likely have many questions, including how much it costs. 

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What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism often need corrective lenses to see clearly. LASIK eye surgery changes the shape of your cornea, the clear structure at the front of your eye, using a computer-guided laser. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is an effective way to improve your vision with minimal disruption to your work and daily life. Dr. Senekal is an experienced laser eye surgery specialist who consistently achieves excellent results. 

How Much is LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you are planning to have LASIK, cost will usually play a role. The cost of LASIK varies depending on many factors, but a price dramatically lower than that of other providers may be a red flag. The average cost of LASIK varies by location as well as your eye surgeon’s skill and experience. 

When considering cost, you should also consider how much you expect to spend on glasses or contacts in the years to come. In many cases, LASIK eye surgery can pay for itself over time. We offer financing to help make laser eye surgery affordable and within your budget. As with any treatment, we recommend a consultation to assess your needs before discussing pricing. 

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How Does LASIK Work?

Dr. Senekal performs LASIK using two of the most advanced lasers in the industry, the Zeiss Femtosecond Laser and the Excimer Laser. The femtosecond laser creates a flap in the epithelial (outermost) layer of your cornea. This flap is lifted away, allowing the excimer laser to reshape the cornea in microscopically thin layers. After the procedure, the flap is replaced. The entire procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

While LASIK is a good option for most people, an eye surgeon must examine your eyes to determine whether this procedure is recommended for you. Candidates for LASIK meet these criteria:

  • Are 18 or older
  • Have a prescription in the range that LASIK can treat
  • Have healthy, normal corneas
  • Have reasonable expectations

LASIK eye surgery is not usually recommended for those with dry eye, people who engage in contact sports, or those who have certain medical conditions. People with thin or abnormal corneas are not good candidates for LASIK but can have other types of laser eye surgery or a different procedure, such as refractive lens exchange or an implantable lens (ICL™). 

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