What is PRK Xtra Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction is a safe, effective way to improve your vision. However, if you have problems with your corneas, you may have been told procedures like LASIK are not recommended. PRK Xtra not only corrects your vision but strengthens and stabilizes your corneas. As a result, you can achieve clearer vision and healthier corneas. 

What is PRK Xtra Vision Correction?

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a type of laser eye surgery. It works by changing the shape of your corneas, which are clear, protective structures at the front of your eyes that help bend light. Most types of laser eye surgery are recommended for people with healthy corneas because they create an incision in the corneal surface. PRK Xtra not only works for people with corneal problems but can also help improve them. 

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How Does PRK Xtra Work?

The first step in PRK Xtra is the PRK laser eye surgery. After numbing your eye, your eye surgeon removes the outer layer (epithelium) of the cornea and then uses a computer-guided excimer laser to reshape your cornea using microscopically thin layers. 

After this process, your eye surgeon performs corneal cross-linking (CXL). Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, is applied to the cornea and allowed to absorb for 90 seconds. It is then activated using ultraviolet light for another 90 seconds. This biochemical reaction causes new cross-links to form between the collagen fibers in your cornea, making it stronger and preventing the progression of some conditions. 

Am I a Good Candidate for PRK Xtra?

You may be a good candidate for PRK Xtra if you want to improve your vision but are not a good candidate for LASIK or SMILE. You may not be a good candidate for those procedures if your corneas are abnormal or too thin, but you may still be able to have PRK Xtra. Only a consultation can determine for sure whether this procedure is recommended for you. 

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What is Recovery Like After PRK Xtra?

The recovery time for PRK Xtra is the same as for standard PRK. A bandage contact lens is used to protect the eye for three to four days as the corneal epithelium regrows. Using your eye drops as instructed and attending all your follow-up appointments will help ensure your best results. Your vision will improve quickly over the next few weeks

What Results Will I See After PRK Xtra?

Your vision will continue to improve and stabilize after PRK Xtra, with full results after about three months. The benefits of corneal cross-linking begin almost immediately and can help keep your corneas stable and strong for many years. Some people, especially those with conditions that cause their corneas to weaken or deform, may have corneal cross-linking several times. 

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