Meet Dr. Teliani

Dr. Nohad Teliani

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Nohad Teliani attended the University of Alberta, after which she completed the Doctor of Optometry degree at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Teliani has had a long association with refractive surgical care. During her optometric training, she worked as an Ophthalmic Technician at Gimbel Eye Centre (now Visionmax Eye Centre), Edmonton, in the summer of 2004. She continued on to become their in-house and full-time optometrist upon graduation in 2006, where she continues to work today.

Currently, Dr. Teliani is responsible for the pre and post-operative assessment and care of refractive and cataract surgical patients and also conducts and oversees the dry eye assessments and treatments.

She enjoys lecturing on various topics ranging from ‘Advancements in Dry Eye Treatments’ to ‘Comparisons of Refractive Surgical Procedures and Outcomes’ and was a past President of the Alberta College of Optometrists

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