Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE)

Exclusively at Visionmax Eye Centre, SMILE is the next generation laser technique by ZEISS for the gentle correction of vision defects. It is the only minimally invasive treatment method (originally called Key-hole Lasik) which combines the extensive experience and superior safety of traditional vision correction techniques with numerous innovative benefits, high precision levels and perceptibly greater comfort during the treatment itself.

SMILE is a proven, accurate and predictable laser procedure, which preserves the mechanical strength of your cornea. More than 2 Million SMILE procedures have been performed worldwide.

How can I find out if I am suitable for SMILE?

As with all other Laser vision correction procedures, you will undergo a detailed eye examination and diagnostic scan. The nature and degree of your refractive error, the curvature and thickness of the cornea, as well as many other factors will determine which procedure is best for you.

Please schedule a consultation today to decide whether treatment with SMILE is the right option for you.

The SMILE Procedure

The Benefits of SMILE

Minimally Invasive with No Flap

Flapless treatment
• No folding back of a corneal flap
• Preservation of Night Vision
• Practically painless during and after the procedure
• Lenticule preparation in the intact cornea
• Minimally invasive access measuring just a few millimeters (80 % less lateral incision than in LASIK and Femto-LASIK)
•Almost complete preservation of protective corneal layer and stabilizing outer corneal layers
• Maximum number of corneal nerves responsible for tear regulation remain intact, therefore less dry eye symptoms

Entire treatment carried out using femtosecond laser (all-femto)
• Use of high-precision femtosecond technology
• Outstanding predictability of results, even in cases of severe myopia (Up to -10.00 Diopter)
• Anatomically shaped contact glass avoids unnecessary compression of the cornea
• No loss of vision during treatment
• Noiseless and odorless treatment
• Stabilization of visual acuity typically within 14 days

Single-step treatment
• Entire laser correction in a single treatment step using a high-precision Femtosecond Laser
• No device change during the operation
• Short procedure with fast visual recovery

Staying ahead of COVID-19

We are going above and beyond the standard infection prevention and control measures to protect you and to create the safest possible environment for you. Your safety is our priority, and you will never encounter overcrowded waiting rooms or treatment areas at our new surgical facility. We never compromise on quality or safety.