Visian ICL

EVO Implantable Collamer Lens

Designed for patients with higher degrees of refractive errors, the ICL was designed to be placed within an eye, overlying the natural lens of the eye. No corneal tissue gets removed, making this procedure an alternative and option for patients with thin corneas who would otherwise not qualify for Laser vision correction. We implant the new generation STAAR EVO ICL, where no peripheral iridotomy (drainage hole made in the iris by Laser) is required due to pre-existing drainage apertures or small openings in the ICL, called Aquaports. ICLs are made from a biocompatible collamer that allows them to stay in the eye permanently. They are removable, if necessary, but this is very rarely needed.

The Following Refractive Errors Can Be Corrected (Exceptions may apply):
Myopia (Nearsightedness): From -2.0 up to -20.0 Diopters
Hypermetropia (Farsightedness): From +0.5 up to +10.0 Diopters
Astigmatism: Up to 5.0 Diopters

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Implanting the ICL is performed as an outpatient procedure. In all cases, topical drops are used to anaesthetize the eye, so no injection is necessary. In rare cases patients are mildly sedated with oral medication, but only if it is absolutely necessary for the patient’s comfort.

The ICL gets inserted through a 2.7mm incision and is carefully positioned inside the eye, in front of the eye’s natural lens. The ICL therefore becomes the eye’s third focusing lens (the cornea and the natural lens being the other two lenses), similar to wearing a contact lens. The surgery is usually completed without sutures, since the incision is designed to be self-sealing. The whole procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes for each eye.

For some patients with very high refractive errors, a combined procedure might be necessary to correct the full refractive error, such as an ICL implantation followed by LASIK or SMILE.

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