How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes?

If your eyes burn, itch, or feel dry, you may be missing an essential component of your tears. Unlike other methods that treat dry eye symptoms, LipiFlow® can restore your normal tears and correct the cause of dry eye. 

What Causes Dry Eyes?

The majority of people with dry eyes have malfunctioning Meibomian glands. These glands, located in the eyelids, produce a protective lipid layer covering the eye. The glands should secrete drops of fluid onto the eye each time you blink. However, these glands can become blocked with their own oil. Without the lipid layer, your tears cannot protect your eyes from dryness.

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How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes?

At Visionmax Eye Centre, we go beyond eye drops and other treatments to offer LipiFlow®, the only treatment method that restores the function of the Meibomian glands. LipiFlow® unblocks the glands so they can return to secreting the protective lipid layer of your tears. Nothing protects your eyes from dryness better than your own natural tears. 

How does LipiFlow® Dry Eye Treatment Work?

LipiFlow® thermal pulsation system uses gentle pressure and heat to unblock clogged Meibomian glands. The specially designed applicator protects the eye and surrounding areas, and computer-controlled operation applies the heat and pressure only to the gland area. This causes the glands to express their thick, trapped oil, allowing them to restart, producing the oil droplets your eyes need. Treatment only lasts ten to twelve minutes, and you will feel comfortable the entire time

What Results Will I See With LipiFlow® Dry Eye Treatment?

Most people will see restored gland function within two to four weeks. However, if you have had dry eyes for a long time, it can take several months for your glands to start working again. You will know the treatment has worked when your eyes stop burning and start to feel hydrated and refreshed. 
Your Meibomian glands can become clogged again. How long this takes will depend on factors like your age, overall health, how long you have had this condition, and how well your glands function. If you begin to notice symptoms again, you can return for another quick, comfortable treatment to unclog the glands again.

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Is There any Downtime with LipiFlow® Dry Eye Treatment?

There is no downtime after LipiFlow® treatment. You can go back to normal activities immediately. LipiFlow® works so gently that the delicate eyelid area stays safe and protected. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LipiFlow® Dry Eye Treatment?

If blocked Meibomian glands cause your dry eye symptoms, you should be a good candidate for LipiFlow® treatment. People with dry eye symptoms not caused by the Meibomian glands may need a different treatment.

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