How Much Does Refractive Lens Exchange Cost?

If you want to eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses, you may choose laser eye surgery, which reshapes the cornea to improve your vision. Refractive lens exchange removes your natural lens and replaces it with an artificial one. The new lens focuses the light as it enters the eye, giving you clear vision. 

What is Refractive Lens Exchange?

The lens is a curved disc resting behind the iris, the colored part of the eye. The lens bends light, so it focuses on the retina, which transmits images to the brain. In refractive lens exchange, the artificial lens corrects vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It allows almost anyone, even some people who do not meet the criteria for laser vision correction, to free themselves from glasses or contacts. 

Edmonton Refractive Lens Exchange

How Does Refractive Lens Exchange Work?

Dr. Senekal begins the procedure by removing your old lens. He makes a small opening in the lens capsule and uses an ultrasonic probe to remove the natural lens. The artificial lens fits into the capsule, and you will usually not require any sutures. The procedure takes about ten minutes per eye

How Much Does Refractive Lens Exchange Cost?

Your cost for refractive lens exchange will vary based on several factors:

  • Your location, which affects the cost of living
  • Your provider’s skill and experience with the procedure
  • The type of lens used in the exchange

Schedule an appointment and find out more about lens options and pricing for an accurate estimate. 

What is Recovery Like From Refractive Lens Exchange?

Many people notice improved vision within a few minutes of finishing the process. You may have some irritation or soreness, and you may see glare or halos around lights. These symptoms can last for a few weeks and will resolve independently. Dr. Senekal will provide you with aftercare instructions, including eye drops. You can resume most activities within two weeks. 

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Reasons to Have Refractive Lens Exchange

While laser eye surgery may be more common, refractive lens exchange offers some unique benefits as an alternative:

  • Vision correction at all distances
  • Suitable for people with prescriptions too high to qualify for laser eye surgery
  • Treats early-stage cataracts and prevents future cataracts
  • Permanent and highly effective

Since artificial lenses will never develop cataracts, you will never need cataract surgery after getting a refractive lens exchange. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange?

If you want to see better without glasses or contacts but do not meet the criteria for laser eye surgery, you might be a good candidate. Candidates must have a prescription within the range this procedure can correct. You should have reasonable expectations and be prepared to follow through with your aftercare until your eyes heal. 

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