How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery can improve your vision dramatically. People considering laser eye surgery may wonder about the best age for this treatment. Most people with healthy eyes can benefit from some type of laser eye surgery. However, your age will affect which procedure will achieve your best results. 

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery corrects vision problems by changing the shape of your cornea. The cornea is a clear structure that changes the angle of light entering the eye. This procedure adjusts the angle by reshaping the cornea with a laser so light focuses on the retina. Dr. Senekal offers the most advanced types of laser eye surgery for people of almost any age. 

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Laser Eye Surgery?

Only a consultation with Dr. Senekal can determine whether you are a candidate for laser surgery. You must be 18 or older to get any laser eye surgery. Most people between 18 and 40 will likely qualify for a procedure like LASIK, SMILE, or PRK. 

People over 40 may benefit more from a procedure called PRESBYOND®. This treatment addresses age-related vision changes that affect most people in their 40s. It provides an improved range of vision, which can lower your dependence on reading glasses.

Which Types of Laser Eye Surgery are Available?

Dr. Senekal will choose the right type of laser eye surgery for you based on a complete examination. Each procedure has benefits and limitations. 


Many people think of LASIK when they think of laser vision correction. It is best suited for those who are 18 or older. A laser creates a flap in the outer layer of the cornea. Another laser then reshapes the cornea, and the flap is replaced. 


One advantage of SMILE is that it causes minimal disruption to the outer layer of the cornea. This minimizes the risk of some issues like dry eye. A laser creates a disc of corneal tissue, which Dr. Senekal removes through a small incision. 


Dr. Senekal may recommend PRK if you have certain issues with your corneas. PRK XTRA uses a combination of riboflavin and UV light to strengthen your cornea with cross-links. PRK removes the cornea’s outermost layer, which heals completely over time. 


People over the age of 40 usually develop presbyopia, which occurs when the lens of the eye becomes less flexible with age. PRESBYOND® provides an improved range of vision for those experiencing age-related vision changes. 

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What Results Will I See After Laser Eye Surgery?

People who have laser vision correction with Dr. Senekal see significant improvements in their vision. Up to 97% of his patients will enjoy 20/20 vision. You will often notice clearer vision within 24 to 48 hours. Dr. Senekal will choose the right procedure to give you the desired results. 

I absolutely loved my experience with VisionMax. They have the most incredible staff, from start to finish they were so helpful and informative! I was nervous and Dr.Senekal talked me through the whole procedure, making me feel so comforted. It was over before I knew it (quite literally)! I cannot recommend going to VisionMax enough!
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