How Much Does PRK Eye Surgery Cost?

Laser eye surgery is an extremely popular procedure, and many people immediately think of LASIK. However, it may not be an option for some people. If you want to achieve better vision but cannot have another type of laser vision correction, PRK may work for you. This procedure has a longer recovery time than others but provides the same level of vision correction.  

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What is PRK Laser Eye Surgery?

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is one form of laser eye surgery. Your eye surgeon uses an advanced excimer laser to remove microscopic layers of the cornea, the clear structure in the front of your eye that helps focus light. These precise adjustments cause light to focus properly on the retina for a sharp, clear image. PRK allows your eye surgeon to perform this reshaping by removing the outer layer of the cornea. 

How Does PRK Eye Surgery Work?

Your eye surgeon will numb your eyes before your PRK procedure. The epithelium or outer layer of your cornea is gently removed, giving your surgeon access to your cornea. The computer-controlled excimer laser removes a minimal amount of corneal tissue. However, this precision reshaping provides dramatically improved vision for most people. The removed corneal epithelium regrows naturally over a few weeks. 

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How Much Does PRK Eye Surgery Cost?

The cost of laser eye surgery varies depending on your provider’s skill and experience, as well as your location. The cost of PRK can range widely, but the average cost falls between $2,000 and $3,000 per eye. In most areas, PRK costs are similar to LASIK. Like other types of laser vision correction, PRK should be performed by a highly qualified ophthalmologist. Your vision is invaluable, so never settle for less than the best laser eye surgery providers. 

We recommend a consultation where we will discuss cost along with many other factors, including whether you are a good candidate and for which procedure. We can provide you with more accurate pricing after determining your specific needs. 

What is Recovery Like After PRK?

You can expect some discomfort and irritation after your PRK procedure. Use your eye drops exactly as directed to minimize these sensations and help your eyes heal. Haziness, glare, and sensitivity to light are common for several weeks. Your vision will continue to stabilize for up to three months. The epithelium regrows completely, restoring a stable surface. 

How Long Does PRK Last?

PRK results can last for many years, especially if you have a stable prescription. However, your eyes will continue to change over time. People over the age of 40 will usually develop presbyopia, an age-related hardening of the lenses that makes it hard to read or see things up close. You may need corrective lenses again in the future, depending on these changes. 

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