What Is The Role Of The Ophthalmologist?

If you are bothered by eye problems, do you know which kind of specialist to see? It depends on what kind of care you need. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in eye care. They can provide many services ranging from routine eye care to complex surgery. If you are considering a type of vision correction surgery, you will see an ophthalmologist. 

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What is an Ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmology is a medical specialty. Doctors spend four years in medical school, internships, and three or more years of specialized training in different eye concerns and procedures to become ophthalmologists. These doctors often spend additional years advancing their skills in one or more areas. Ophthalmologists are the most highly trained form of eye professionals and can provide advanced care. 

What is the Role of the Ophthalmologist?

Your ophthalmologist may play many different roles. In many cases, they work with optometrists, who provide many kinds of routine care, or opticians, who specialize in corrective lenses like glasses or contacts. An ophthalmologist may perform your eye exam themselves, or you may be referred to one if another eye specialist has concerns. 

Each ophthalmologist may have a different area of specialization. Some may specialize in glaucoma treatments, while others may focus on eye injuries. These doctors often call in a specialist in another area if they feel like it will improve your treatment results. 

If you have a complex eye condition or medical condition that affects your eyes, an ophthalmologist may manage your care. They can prescribe medications and perform surgeries to manage a range of eye issues. Many people will see an ophthalmologist as they age to address concerns such as cataracts. 

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What is Dr. Senekal’s Specialty as an Ophthalmologist?

Dr. Senekal pursued his medical degree in Family Medicine. He did not develop his passion for ophthalmology until he had laser eye surgery himself and discovered its life-changing abilities. He pursued a post-graduate degree in Ophthalmology and one in Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He chose to specialize in refractive surgery, leading to a reputation as one of Canada’s leading laser eye surgery specialists. Visionmax offers a full range of vision correction procedures along with treatments for dry eye and other conditions. 

How Do I Know if I Need to See an Ophthalmologist?

You may see an ophthalmologist for many reasons. Some people may see an ophthalmologist for a routine eye exam. Others may see one regularly for the management of an eye condition. You should see an ophthalmologist if:

  • You are considering laser eye surgery such as LASIK
  • You have a condition like glaucoma or macular degeneration
  • You have been referred by another professional
  • You have symptoms such as blurriness, cloudiness, or vision loss

Sudden vision loss or eye pain should be seen by a doctor immediately. If you are experiencing gradual loss of vision, cloudiness, or other changes, schedule an ophthalmologist visit as soon as possible. Many conditions that cause vision loss are very treatable when diagnosed early. 

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