What to Look for in an Eye Surgeon?

Whether you want to correct your vision with LASIK, or treat other eye conditions, you may need to see an eye surgeon. An eye surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in eyes and medical conditions that affect them. Choosing the right eye surgeon can help ensure a positive experience and excellent results. 

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What is an Eye Surgeon?

An eye surgeon, also known as an ophthalmologist, has a medical degree like other doctors, along with advanced training and practice in eyes. An ophthalmologist can treat a wide range of eye conditions, although they may choose to specialize in one aspect of eye treatment. If you are looking for an eye surgeon, we can help you understand which factors are most important to consider. 

What to Look for in an Eye Surgeon

Your eyes are precious, so your eye surgeon should have all the qualifications, experience, and skills to put your mind at ease. All reputable ophthalmologists will make this information easily available so you can find answers to your questions. 

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Education and Experience

Your eye surgeon will have a medical degree, usually in Ophthalmology or a related field. They will often have additional qualifications they earned after post-graduate studies and training. Some eye surgeons specialize in vision correction, while others treat medical conditions like glaucoma or eye injuries. 

If you see an eye specialist who does not have a medical degree, they may be an optometrist. These specialists may work with ophthalmologists, and they can treat some eye conditions, but they do not perform any form of eye surgery. 

Areas of Specialization

Eye surgeons may specialize in an area they enjoy, one where they see a need or one that has personal meaning to them. Dr. Senekal specializes in laser eye surgery for vision correction. He also specializes in lens exchanges and routinely treats a range of other conditions. Look for a surgeon with experience and specialization in the area you need. 

Reviews and Testimonials

If you want to learn more about your eye surgeon, read the reviews and testimonials from their patients. Consistently excellent reviews are a good sign that others have had a positive experience and can help you understand what people like about this surgeon and whether those aspects align with what you are looking for. 

Trust and Communication

Even if your eye surgeon’s qualifications and reviews meet your expectations, you should meet with them to discuss your concerns and possible treatment plans. Choose a surgeon who answers all your questions and makes you feel comfortable. You will have a better overall experience and feel more confident. 

Very pleased with the surgery and results. I have perfect vision. Staff were all excellent.
Jim B.

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