How Does LipiFlow® Treat Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can have many causes, including allergies and irritants. Blocked glands cause the majority of chronic dry eye cases, and LipiFlow® can help. This treatment can provide long-lasting dry eye relief by restoring the natural function of your tears. 

What is LipiFlow®?

Over 80% of chronic dry eye is caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). These glands along the edge of the eyelid produce lipids that become part of your tears. This lipid layer prevents tears from evaporating, keeping your eyes lubricated. When these glands become clogged, your tears cannot work correctly. LipiFlow® unblocks these glands to restore the lipid layer of your tears. 

Lipiflow Dry Eye Treatment Edmonton

How Does LipiFlow® Treat Dry Eyes?

LipiFlow® works using a combination of warmth and mechanical stimulation to unclog Meibomian glands gently. The procedure takes about ten minutes per eye. You will not need any numbing for this comfortable, quick procedure. Computer-controlled LipiFlow® protects your cornea and other delicate structures during the process. You may see improvements in dry eye symptoms within a few weeks.

Benefits of LipiFlow®

LipiFlow® is the only device that restores Meibomian gland function. This allows it to treat the majority of dry eye problems with excellent results. 


LipiFlow® is entirely non-invasive and does not irritate the delicate eye area. Its heat and pressure work effectively to unclog the glands and restore function. Since it requires no invasive procedures, it immediately lets you resume normal activities. 

No Medications

While eye drops and other medications can help with dry eye, they are not a replacement for natural tears. LipiFlow® resolves your MGD and restores the natural lipid layer of your tears. As a result, eyes feel less dry and irritated without medications. 

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike eye drops you may need several times a day, LipiFlow® can give you results that last for months or longer. Each person’s glands differ in how often they become clogged. Some people may return for a maintenance LipiFlow® treatment if symptoms return. 

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Is There Any Downtime With LipiFlow®?

LipiFlow® requires no downtime. You can return to your usual activities without limitations. LipiFlow® is non-invasive and gentle to the skin of the eye area, so it does not leave marks or cause discomfort. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LipiFlow®?

If you have MGD, you are most likely a good candidate for LipiFlow®. Only your eye doctor can determine whether your dry eye has MGD as an underlying cause. Good candidates for LipiFlow® want to restore the function of their natural tears and achieve dry eye relief. 

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