What are My Options for Dry Eye Treatment?

Chronic dry eye can cause discomfort and frustration. Most dry eye treatments work by temporarily lubricating the eyes. However, they do not address the most common cause of dry eye, leaving many sufferers looking for a better option. 

What Causes Dry Eye? 

Many factors can cause your eyes to become dry. Your tears keep your eyes lubricated, and anything that disrupts tear production or makes them evaporate too fast will lead to dry eye. Causes of dry eye include:

MGD causes almost 90% of all chronic dry eye cases. This condition occurs when Meibomian glands along the edges of your eyelids become blocked. These glands secrete a lipid called meibum that forms an important layer of your tears. Tears evaporate too quickly without this lipid, leaving your eyes dry and irritated. 

Dry Eye Treatment Edmonton

What are My Options for Dry Eye Treatment?

The most common treatment for dry eye is an over-the-counter or prescription eye drop. These can provide temporary relief but will not address the cause of the problem. If your dry eyes result from a medical condition, the condition may resolve when you treat the condition. 

If an eye examination determines that you are one of many people with MGD, unblocking the glands will provide relief. LipiFlow® dry eye treatment gently and painlessly opens these glands. Unlike eye drops that wear off in a few hours, LipiFlow® results can last for years.

What is LipiFlow® for Dry Eye Treatment?

LipiFlow® is a non-invasive treatment for chronic dry eye. It uses a sterile single-use applicator to apply a combination of warmth and gentle pressure. This combination removes the material blocking the glands and lets them resume their normal function. Your cleared Meibomian glands produce the necessary lipid layer, making your eyes more lubricated and less irritated. 

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Is There Any Downtime With LipiFlow®?

LipiFlow® treatment causes no discomfort and requires no downtime. You can return to your daily routine without disruption, making LipiFlow® convenient to fit into any schedule. Most people see an improvement in tear quality and dry eye symptoms within a few weeks. You may need occasional maintenance treatments to keep your glands clear for the long term. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LipiFlow®?

Almost anyone with diagnosed MGD makes a good candidate for LipiFlow®. This non-invasive treatment is safe to use and so gentle that you can exercise or do any other activities you prefer immediately after the session. Only an examination can determine whether MGD causes your chronic dry eye and whether LipiFlow® will help resolve it. 

I absolutely loved my experience with VisionMax. They have the most incredible staff, from start to finish they were so helpful and informative! I was nervous and Dr.Senekal talked me through the whole procedure, making me feel so comforted. It was over before I knew it (quite literally)! I cannot recommend going to VisionMax enough!

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