How Does PRESBYOND® Work?

If you have started to squint at things you used to read easily, you may be developing presbyopia. If you are over 40, presbyopia is inevitable and develops with age. PRESBYOND® treats presbyopia to restore your vision. 

What is PRESBYOND® Laser Eye Surgery?  

PRESBYOND® is a type of laser eye surgery that corrects presbyopia. Presbyopia affects almost every adult over the age of 40. It develops when the lenses of the eye become less flexible, making them less able to bend and focus light. PRESBYOND® uses laser vision correction to give you a broad spectrum of close, intermediate, and distance vision. 

How Does PRESBYOND® Work?

During PRESBYOND®, a laser reshapes your corneas to change the angle of incoming light. Unlike most types of laser vision correction, PRESBYOND® is binocular. With microscopic changes to each eye, this technique improves clarity at a range of distances. 

The basics of the PRESBYOND® procedure are similar to LASIK. The laser creates a flap to give your surgeon access to your cornea. When moved back into place, this flap will heal quickly. PRESBYOND® works differently by producing binocular vision, giving you more clarity from a far-away sign to a book in your hand. 

What are the Benefits of PRESBYOND®?

PRESBYOND® is an advanced form of vision correction not available in many locations. Research has indicated that 97% of people with presbyopia will see significant improvements. PRESBYOND® does more than correct the near vision you struggled with. It corrects your vision across all distances. This gives you an experience superior to monovision treatments. 

Unlike LASIK or similar types of laser eye surgery, PRESBYOND® is designed specifically for presbyopia. Results are so immediate that many can read a newspaper within the first day. While some other treatments for presbyopia can create issues, such as double images, PRESBYOND® does not cause this problem. 

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Is There Any Downtime With PRESBYOND®?

PRESBYOND® has minimal downtime. Most people notice improved vision within 24 to 48 hours. You can usually return to work within three days. Dr. Senekal will provide eye drops to protect your eyes and prevent burning or sensitivity. Other post-surgical instructions include avoiding areas with airborne dirt or dust that could get in your eyes. 

Am I a Candidate for PRESBYOND®?

Most people between the ages of 40 and 60 make excellent candidates for PRESBYOND®. People in this age range will develop presbyopia, and PRESBYOND® offers a treatment option. You might not be a candidate for PRESBYOND® if you have thin or unhealthy corneas. If you have cataracts, we may recommend a different procedure. Only an eye assessment can determine whether PRESBYOND® will help you achieve your goals. 

I absolutely loved my experience with VisionMax. They have the most incredible staff, from start to finish they were so helpful and informative! I was nervous and Dr.Senekal talked me through the whole procedure, making me feel so comforted. It was over before I knew it (quite literally)! I cannot recommend going to VisionMax enough!

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