What is EVO ICL™?

If you have considered laser eye surgery but been told you’re not a candidate, you have another option that provides sharper, clearer vision with minimal downtime. EVO ICL™ is placed over your natural lens to correct its focus, providing vision correction with minimal downtime and long-lasting results. 

What is EVO ICL™?

EVO ICL™ is a type of Implantable Collamer® Lens. These lenses are made of a biologically safe collagen material that can remain in your eyes for a lifetime. They work cooperatively with your natural lenses to change the angle of light, so it focuses on the retinas. You cannot see or feel EVO ICL™ lenses once they are in place, and they never need to be removed. They are also known as implantable contact lenses since they focus light like a contact lens, but do not require any maintenance. 

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How Does EVO ICL™ Eye Surgery Work?

Your eye surgeon will numb your eyes before the EVO ICL™ eye surgery, which usually takes ten to fifteen minutes. An incision less than 3mm long is made, allowing your surgeon to insert the implantable lenses. This advanced lens is designed to painlessly anchor itself in place, ensuring that it will not move or require adjustment. The incision heals itself with no sutures, making recovery quick and uncomplicated. 

What are the Benefits of EVO ICL™?

While most people think of procedures like LASIK when considering vision correction, EVO ICL™ eye surgery may be a better option for many people. Reasons people choose an implantable lens include:

  • This minimally invasive procedure causes very little disruption to your cornea
  • EVO ICL™ is safe for people who cannot have LASIK due to thin or abnormal corneas
  • Vision correction is noticeable within a day or two
  • EVO ICL™ does not increase dry eye problems like laser eye surgery can
  • It works for people who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism
  • This procedure protects the other structures of your eye from UV damage

EVO ICL™ is an advanced form of implantable lens that does not require any drainage like previous types of lenses once did. As a result, the procedure is even less invasive.

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What is Recovery Like After EVO ICL™ Eye Surgery?

Implantable lenses require very little recovery time. You will be prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. These will help manage the minor irritation you may experience. Light sensitivity is expected, requiring sunglasses or other sun protection for the first few days. You can usually drive and return to work within one to two days. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and do not go swimming for a few weeks. 

Am I a Good Candidate for EVO ICL™?

Most adults with healthy eyes are good candidates for EVO ICL™. This procedure can treat a range of prescriptions, even for people who cannot have LASIK due to thin corneas, dry eye problems, or other factors. Unlike LASIK, EVO ICL™ is also an option for people who engage in contact sports. 

Very friendly. Professional. Answered all my questions. The staff and Dr came to talk with me. Explained everything I would feel and sensations. Put me right at ease.
Jeff M.

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